Jul 21, 2008

Great grandma's brag book

Well, here are a  few of the pages I did of the first grandchild. She's quite the girl. She loves to play with her dad,  no matter what it is. They came home yesterday so covered in mud the only things on their faces I could see from a distance were their smiles! I didn't have much room on the 6x6 page for some kind of an accent. What do you use for this kind of sport? I really had nothing. When all else fails . . . draw it!! I figured the flags must be used somewhere, right?

This is Emily's work. We took her to her first balloon festival. She was using her grandfather's new camera to take these shots. It really takes some great pictures. He's a trusting soul letting an 8 year old walk around with an expensive piece of equipment.  She has always had a great eye. We may have a budding photographer!

Here she is! Looking very girly. I love the picture of her reading to the baby. It's NEVER too early to read to children!
Tomorrow I have to do the pages for the other 2 kiddos.

Have a great night.

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