Jul 24, 2008

Scrapbook installation 2

Well, it is taking at least one day to do each child. I'm a SLOW scrapper with lots of other chores to do in between.
Grand child 2. He is some kind of a character and that makes it so much fun to scrap him! He has the most expressive face, as you can see on the angel page. That was fun to do. I'm not sure it shows but I used vellum to make the wings and halo then embossed them using iridescent EP (SU!).  
All of the papers used for his pages are SU! papers with the exception  of the dots and the little stripes on the next page. These are little pieces I had in my stash (mountain) of scraps. 

I love the shot of him sitting in his shorts. He is SO fair. This was on his third birthday. It was very hot and we had gelled the poor kid's hair! What a sport. It was supposed to be more of a mohawk, but became a mass of curls!
 Notice the leap picture? He's playing Buzz Lightyear. Fine. . . as long as the coffee table is the only thing he is leaping off!

The book is done and delivered to the great-grandparents. I'll post the last pages of the new baby tomorrow. 
Have a wonderful evening.

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