Sep 1, 2011

Pray for Vermont

As you have probably seen on the news, Vermont has been sufficiently devastated by flood.  Getting here ,or out of here  is interesting at best.  Anything that isn't interstate, coming in this direction has a significant number of detours. Currently 7 South is closed just below town and detoured way out through mountain roads. I heard today that Route 4 East, over Killington, may not be fully open until October. Unless you come from the NY side there is no good way in! We have more military here, and they are using choppers to deliver supplies from bases in Rutland and parts west to stranded towns. Thank goodness for the Guard and Reserve! My principal lives in Thetford , about an hour and fifteen minutes east. It took her 4.5 hours to get here Tuesday morning from her home. She had to go north to Burlington then down 7 to 22 and back over on 4! Dedicated lady.

Currently we are on a water conservation alert. The reservoir is limited. They said Wednesday there was "probably" enough water to last 30 days IF everyone is careful. Problem is, there have been several water main breaks in the last few days caused by  flooding. Lots of water loss. Casella Construction is working with the Army Corp.  on an idea to route the water. Sure hope it works!

There were showers in the mountains and in town this afternoon that caused a flash flood in Cold River in Clarendon that swept 4 workers away. They sent choppers in to rescue as I was driving home. Just heard they got them all, but progress on the road was damaged. We are due more rain and thunderstorms this weekend. Pray for us!

It is amazing how communities come together in disasters. It restores ones faith in human nature. So many of the residents of our town lost EVERYTHING. Just east of here some communities are still completely isolated. In one of these towns local chefs sponsor a barbecue in the town green for anyone who comes. Parents are taking turns holding “school” in the town park for a few hours every day so parents can safely assess their homes and begin the clean-up. So many have nothing left. Not even the building. It is gone.

I live in a neighborhood at the base of the foothills that lead to Killington, right off route 4 East. Roads flooded all around us. Our home only took on a little water in the cellar and a small leak in the roof. Lucky!!  We were damaged in the April wind storm 4 years ago. That was bad. This is far beyond that.

I pray the storms forecast for this weekend are gentle. Please, Lord, no more flooding. We will need another ARK!

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