Sep 4, 2011

Flash Floods and Photos

It is raining in the mountains and around the area againSad smile. We are under flash flood warnings again. Some of the progress made on the roads was damaged in a flash that came through on Thursday. I gather this is heavier rain.

Bottled water flats of 24 are going for anywhere from $6.99 to $12.99! The damage to the upper elevations, I have heard, is much more severe than has been reported. Of course, much of that area is inaccessible. Thank God for the military who are flying constantly with supplies and rescue.

Here is a link to some photos taken by a local doctor who flew over this area and took some impressive aerial photos.

Pray for sun!

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Bonnie said...

My family has been very lucky that they haven't suffered any damage in their area. I understand that the roads in and out are tricky. I pray that you and your area will dry out soon and that the sun will shine on you and God will smile on your coming together as a community.