Jul 1, 2011

Toasted, roasted and Fried!

I must apologize and try harder to get something done to post. We are in the middle of a remodel that started out to be only removing the old carpet ( 25 years! I got my money out of that one!) and putting in oak flooring. Well the carpet is gone, the flooring is in the trailer . . .  small has become large. We have to jack one section of the floor, take out a cellar window and cinder block the wall , repair any sill damage. In order to do that we had to clean out my husbands collection of “stuff” to move the lathe, band saw and table saw to make room for the jack post and for us to work. I started at 9am. He joined me at 10 until 1 when he had to get ready for work. I worked until 7:30. Everything hurts! Right down to my hair! At the moment I am out back, sipping a Mike’s, burning some waste wood in the “fireplace”.


   There is a silver lining. I will loose those extra pounds I put on over the winter. At least 10 of them! Construction has a way of doing that. Maybe that is why all those guys on TV look so great! I’m sure I will feel muscles in the morning I didn’t know I had!


  When the embers are low I’ll go take a shower and maybe get a simple card done. I should be doing the call for Paper Crafts, too. I have 2 cards done for them. We’ll see. It will be a long weekend of work here. Really need to get the floor done before these cuties come to visit on the 9th! Do you think it will be close???


  We might be spending a lot of time at museums and such instead at home if that floor isn’t down! Vroom-vroom, grandma!Auto

Have a great evening!

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