Jul 14, 2011

Gone in a Flash

    Energy and time have a way of vanishing when chasing after a 6 and 3 1/2 year old. I’m running out of steam!
There has been NO time to stamp, but I did make a few things for the magazine call that didn’t get picked up, or in other cases didn’t have time to fuss with trying to make a photo collage for submission. Getting old stinks! I can’t remember how to do things once I’ve done it. I need to do it over and over. I still haven’t learned how to use PSE! No time during school year, the technology requirements for that is staggering! Blah..blah..blah..... as my daughter would say!
This is a real simple number for me, but I reall like the resuts. All PTI products except for the Pacific Point  paper from SU. I used Vintage Picnic and Postmarks. I hand cut the basket.  I have yet to order the die. There is nothing special about the tag, simply cut on the cutter to fit the basket. The word "love" was hand written with a white Signo pen. A dash of glitter and a pop up here and there and , ta-da!

Now to put two little elves to bed and try to stay awake until 10!

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