Mar 28, 2010

Sunny at last!

Good Sunday morning. Sorry to be absent so long but we, at KLM Designs, have been busy cooking up a surprise for you. Katy has been working night and day (literally) to make her dream of designing a stamp line come true. That means she needed some art work. That is my contribution. Sooooooo . . . coming to KLM in early April

This sunflower and sentiment is one of the sets that will be available. I couldn't resist sharing the hibiscus plant. This thing has been blooming like this all winter. There are currently 20 buds on it. What a joy to look at when there is 3 feet of snow on the deck.
Here is a close up of the card. Stamped directly onto Georgia Pacific CS it is colored with Copic markers. I used and old wash cloth and some blending solution to daub texture onto the center of the flower.
The tiny image in the corners is a stamp from one if PTI's Borders and Corners sets. These sets have these tiny additional elements that add little touches of interest to so many designs. The moss green line was made with a straight edge and a marker.
Copics saturate the paper so the color bleeds through. I usually add a piece of paper to cover this on the inside. I try to keep it light but not light enough to see through. The purpose is to cover the shadowing. I find if I use a paper color that pulls from one of the colors on the front it works nicely to mask the marker and it is light enough to write on.

Hopefully I will have time to play with some of the others, soon! Until then enjoy and keep stamping!

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