Mar 28, 2010

Stamp storage

Hello again. I thought I would share my new endeavor. Do any of you go through this nesting thing in the spring? It goes beyond spring cleaning. I have this need to reorganize every space I'm in. It even includes my classroom! My house is old. There is a fair amount of square footage but it is not laid out well and there is practically NO storage of any kind. Consequently, everything is out for the world to see which translates into clutter. I am trying to reduce the area required to store my stamps. No neat feat. Having been a demo for 5 years and addicted to PTI, there are hundreds of sets to store.

A little while ago my daughter introduced me to Univenture. Check out her post here to see what she did. Right now I am taking all my SU sets off wood and putting them on EZ mount from Sunday International. I have cases and EZmount storage panels in 2 sizes.
The cases have a 3 ring binder design but snap closed all around. Perfect to keep stamps together and dust free.
On the outside of the case is an area to place a cover. As you can see, my covers are a work in progress. In this one 1.5" case I have 29 sets! Naturally, this number will change depending on the size of the sets.
I put all my PTI stamps in smaller binders. I purchased those first. I may go all large. Not sure. I can't wait to get this all done. I will be able to reclaim so much space.
Warning: This is a labor intensive project. It consumes a lot of time but, if you are short on space it's the way to go. The alternative is get rid of and stop buying stamps. Not happening!!

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The Wired Angel said...

Yup... I do projects like this when I need to nest... and then I got off and bake something! I think it's a seasonal need. Happy Easter Sue.. sending hugs, Peggy