Jun 22, 2009


"Karahface Oh, Grandma . . . a little birdie told me you are on summer vacation. Does that mean it's time for me to come to Grandma camp for a week?

Get ready . . . here we come. Sleep now 'cause when we get there. . . moms got a to-do list a mile long." YAHOO!!!!!!!! School is out. All the kids are coming this week to help with some renovating. Ummmm- I think I might have stepped from the frying pan into the fire on this one. Will be taking a brief break to take care of some small elves running around the house. Will hope to survive the construction discussions. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up on one of those DIY renovation nightmares! We are trying to finish a room that was started 28 YEARS ago. About d--- time! Be back soon.


Scrubbysue said...

How fun!

Katy said...

Oh, if you only new what that look meant.