Apr 25, 2009

The "condition"

   Here is a visual  of the "paper condition". I also have suffered from a fabric condition as a  quilter, and  continually battle a book condition as a teacher. The condition, you ask?

   Hoarding!! I have a really hard time parting with beautiful images, no matter what format they are in. I'm happy to say the fabric condition is under control, (I haven'PICT0021

PICT0020t quilted since I started to stamp). I am much better with the books,(the economy has taken care of that), but the paper rages on. This cabinet is my paper stock, all kinds, protected from light by the doors. I have three expanding portfolios

   with a few sheets of all the colors and neutrals that I keep at my side when I am creating.  The drawers are my scraps. Think there are enough? I am trying so hard to use them. This summer, rainy days are going to be  spent creating card sets with scraps for gifts throughout the year. I NEED to downsize!   

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Katy said...

Oh dear mother! I could always help you out with that condition issue. Send some goods my way!:)