Mar 8, 2011


front door snow (425x640)

        Here we are. Buried under another 15 inches of ice and snow! Will this winter never end. We are sure to have serious flooding this spring! It rained heavily at first then it all froze before  it turned to snow. Heavy stuff to shovel!


      This is my front porch. That top railing is 6 feet above ground level





   And this is the back porch . . . what little you can see of it. The top of this railing is 6 feet above ground. I dread what will happen to my cellar when this all starts to melt. Did anyone order an Ark?

Noah doesn’t live here!



                                                                                                                                                  nature decorated (403x640)


                                                                Tonight I spotted this just as the sun was setting. It warmed

                                          up just enough today to melt some of the snow on the pines.  All

                                          of them look like this. It looks like someone decorated them for

                                          Christmas. I can’t remember a time when the trees looked like

                                           this and I have lived here almost 60 years! Really beautiful.

                                           Hope someone out there is enjoying a warm March and plenty of

                                           sun. I hope the heat this summer does not mimic the snow this

                                           winter!  Spring is on the way eventually!

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