Jun 1, 2010

A Secret to share

I have been bursting at the seams to share this for quite some time and today is THE DAY!
For a while my daughter has been trying to get me to submit my work for publishing. I usually respond with a, "Yea, right!"

Recently I saw THIS contest and decided to act on her dare. I knew that there was a slim chance one of my cards would be noticed amongst the thousands submitted. Chance? Slim to none.
I have seen all the wonderful talent in the magazines. I follow some incredible blogs! I was definitely out of my league!

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive an e-mail of congratulations naming me Stamping Royalty for 2010 by Paper Craft Magazine!

How fantastic is that! My first ever attempt at having anything published and this happens!
Luck o' the Irish I guess. There are some other fabulously talented stampers and designers who won as well. I am so proud to be in their company.
They are even sending me my very own tiara, in which I have to have my picture taken. (I'm allergic to cameras that point in my direction!)

Thanks daughter, for all your encouragement. And to all those friends and family, as well, who have believed, encouraged , and put up with the messes creativity makes.

The winning cards will be in the Nov/Dec issue. Keep a look out.

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Julie Masse said...

Hey Sue!! Congrats on your win! Can't wait to see your card - and you in the tiara! :)