May 4, 2009

Full Weekend of Fun

DSC_0153 Whew! It's over! We have had a full weekend. Emily made her First Communion, then we had the May Crowning. Finally, this afternoon we attended the annual Special Tea at the country club. This is a nice event that is a fund raiser for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. My parents are very active in this group so we try to attend every year. It's a fancy dessert tea, raffle, and silent auction.  This year the little girls brought their favorite doll to share in a dolly parade. Volunteers decorate the tables, all of them different. Ours had a May pole centerpiece and decorative paper cones filled with flowers for favors. It has become a very popular outing  for a mother/daughter or grandmother/granddaughter, as is our case.

Mom had to work the tea this year but we still got to spend a little time together. We would have had 4 generations represented but Emily's dad would have felt a bit out of place. Actually, it might have been a chance for a young single guy to meet someone.


                                                                                Here we are ready for the tea. Emily got to wear her Communion dress a seco


nd time. She was so pretty all dresses up.DSC_0150 We usually see her in jeans and tees! And never with her hair down, it's a real occasion when she wears it down.   The little girl is my best friend's  granddaughter. We all went together and had so much fun. These other photos are a few of the table settings. They were really pretty in person. Some were obviously themed for little girls, others for big girls!

                                                       DSC_0147   DSC_0146


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Katy said...

Cute pic!Did not know Em actually had a doll.