Apr 13, 2009

Computer Genius

How do you like the new look? My darling daughter has a real talent for anything having to do with computers. Must be nice. The older I get the less able I become to learn all the new bits, bytes, and what-all. Not a good thing since we got the word last week that we will be doing all our grading on the computer from now on. That really makes me uncomfortable. All it takes is one wrong key stroke and away they go! I  must be getting old as I believe there is too much depending on computer technology. One major power outage will be the tell- all.

Did you ever wonder why kids can't make change? Why should they have to? All of the cash registers do it for them. Spelling will become a thing of the past, OMG!

Now, I need to get off my soap box and thank her for doing such a great job. Thanks Kate. You never cease to blow me away.

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