Dec 29, 2008

Santa Claus

I have a very hard time getting away with being naughty.

I share the same shower with Santa!

This beautiful tree was in a florist shop in Concord, NH. This tree was suspended from the ceiling, up-side-down. Cobblestone Design, Inc. has the most incredible display of theme trees I have ever seen. The ornaments are so different. Not your ordinary department store variety. Some are expensive but most are average in price. Then the day after Christmas the whole store is half off. People come in and buy the whole tree with whatever is left on it.

It's fun to go in and see what others are walking out with.

I overheard the owner say they decorate for each season, so this year I will have to make another trip to Concord for Easter. I can't wait to see what they do for that!

I am in Concord for the week with the grandkids. See why I don't get much stamping or house work done? Every vacation I spend here or they come to me. I wouldn't trade it though! The rest of the time until summer is the all consuming school work! What ever possessed me to go back to public school I do not know. At times I wish I could do something else that could make the same income. Not going to happen. Anyway, when Kate and I are together here we usually end up stamping for a few hours. I'll have to share the beautiful scrapbook she made for Christmas.
Have a great holiday week.

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