Oct 13, 2008

We are  training our youngest granddaughter to use the laptop so when she is old enough to type she can keep up her grandma's blog for her!

If you ever want to have a great time EARLY in  the morning, go to the Adirondiac  Balloon Festival. They have evening lifts as well but we were only able to go on Saturday morning. This shot was taken by our 8 year old granddaughter. She is quite the little shutter bug. It was a spectacular day. We really could have had some great shots of the balloons lifting and rising out of the early morning ground mist but got stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic. Still it was so exciting to see so many balloons all at once. There were upwards of 90, and some specialty balloons, like the Klondike Bear. Photos like these are well worth getting up at 4:30!

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