Oct 21, 2008

Quilted card

There are times when I miss my former life as a quilter. I still have several sewing machines and hundreds of yards of fabric! Someday . . . .  Some of my favorite fabrics were called Sky Dyes. They were so beautiful and were a perfect match to batiks. While I was in NH this summer in a serious heat wave, I needed to do something that I could do in a semi dark room ( lights were too hot and the house was closed up to keep the sun and heat out). I ended up taking all my trimmings and sponging them with assorted colors to get that hand dyed look. Some of the darker colors I sponged some iridescent pigments and stamped in white for a batik look. These are the pieces I used for this card. Not too bad? What do you think? I think I'll do a set like this for a friend who is a quilter.

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