Mar 17, 2008

Hope everyone has a great St. Patty's Day. A little Guiness Stew and some soda bread sounds good right about now. I've got the Irish Tenors on high and some wine chilling. 
(Sorry this Irish girl can't do Corn Beef and Cabbage or Stout). Slange (Cheers) 


Finished these cuties last night to give as gifts today. Talk about easy! Just duplicate the front label design or a version of it for the top of the jar. Make a band, slap the label on it, wrap it around the bottle and fill it with something appropriate ( or not )! The leprechaun pills went to my 81 year old Irish Da and  the lemonade jar was for the girls in the front office of my school. Mom is helping me with the jars. She's drinking the coffee for me. I can't do the calories or the lactose. Going to go make some Easter ones now. Enjoy. . . 

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